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Pressure Washing Service

Pressure washing is a great way to improve the appearance of most outdoor areas, including patios, block paving, concrete hard standings, decking, tennis courts, swimming pool surrounds, and forecourts among other surfaces.

We have our own petrol powered machines that typically have twice the cleaning power of most domestic pressure washers. At around 3000psi, our machines clean effectively and thoroughly on a range of different surfaces.

As an added benefit, we also have a rotary floor cleaner, which makes cleaning lightly soiled surfaces much more efficient, saving time and excess water usage.

What are the benefits of pressure washing?

• Dramatically improves the appearance of the surface being washed
• Removes algae, moss and grime build up meaning surfaces are less slippery
• Uses less water per minute than conventional hosepipes
• Helps create a better first impression
• Can increase desirability when marketing a house for sale
• Time saving when compared to traditional cleaning methods
• Can be a chemical free process due to the pressure of the water

Here are some samples of previous pressure washing work we have carried out;

Pressure Washing Oxford

Pressure Washing Oxford

Pressure Washing Oxford


When cleaning patios and block paving, we also offer a re-pointing or re-sanding service if required.

As a guide, prices start from £2.20p per square metre, depending on the type of surface.

If you think this service would be helpful to you, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements further.

How can I claim the Facebook offer?

Please call us on 07766476032 or email us contact@fourseasonsoxford.co.uk to arrange a visit. A print out of the email will be needed to claim the offer.