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Job: Old High Street, Headington, Oxford

Job Brief - Remove exisitng patio and excavate the soil to allow enough room to sit a hot tub into the ground. Construct a solid concrete base for the hot tub to sit on, with retaining concrete walls to hold the existing soil back. Finally, build a custom deck to fit the contours of the garden.

Before - The site upon arrival

After the site was excavated

By now the retaining walls and concrete base had been put in, along with drainage under the decorative shingle

A view of the hot tub once it had been installed

A view of the joists that will support the deck boards. Note the gap on the left hand side of the hot tub - This is where the hidden 'trap door' was built to allow access to the hot tub for maintenance

By now almost all the decking boards had been laid, with just the trimming and final fix to be completed

After - The deck all finished

After - A view from above to show how the decking fits within the existing garden layout

After - Another view from ground level

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