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Job: Lime Walk, Headington, Oxford

Job Brief - To raise up the level of the garden to prevent the lawn from flooding. The idea was to construct a framework from wooden sleepers which would house a hardcore sub base, top soil and new turf. There would also be another frame constructed in the same way, but this time instead of turf, shingle would be the top layer.

Overall, some 30 tonnes of material were used to build the level of the garden up, along with over 20 sleepers.

The site upon arrival
This area is where the shingle part of the build was going to be
The first job was to remove the old turf from the existing lawn. This was to come in handy later on
The dirt had to be dug out to allow enough room for the hardcore, top soil and new turf

By now, the sleeper framework was starting to take shape

The hardcore was then compacted with a vibrating plate to make sure it was solid under foot

The old turf that was cut from the original lawn was then laid back down upside down so it would eventually form a good soil full of nutrients

In total, 19 tonnes of hardcore, 6 tonnes of top soil and 5 tonnes of shingle were required to raise the garden

Here we can see the first layer of top soil being laid

We then left the top soil to settle natrually. We could then concentrate on the shingle area. Once the hardcore levels were built up and compacted by the vibrating plate, a weed control fabric was laid down to prevent weed growth

We allowed a week for the topsoil to settle before laying the new turf

All finished

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