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Job: Oxford Road, Littlemore

Job Brief -To completely renovate the front garden area. This included, moving the front gate from the left hand side to the right, and install a gently curving path from the new entrance to meet the front door. We also constructed two flower beds which were bordered with edging stones. A custom bin store was built from marine ply and decking, with a 'Sheffield' bike rack installed alongside it. Shingle was then laid on top of a weed control fabric in the remaining spaces, with low voltage lights installed to complete the garden.

"I'm delighted with the quality of the work you and Wayne have carried out in my front garden. It's vastly improved the look and feel of our house and has drawn admiring comments.

I'm particularly grateful to you for staying so focussed and cheerful even during the worst of the winter weather and for delivering what you promised. It's been a pleasure to have you around.

I look forward to using you again for our next garden project.

AW, Littlemore OX4" 

The site upon arrival

Another view of the garden before we started

The first job was to remove the concrete paths and wall unwanted plants
Once all the unwanted material was removed, we levelled the garden ready for the construction work

We then marked the garden out to give a visual guidline

We then dug and poured the foundations for the edging stones

The edging stones being laid

The start of the path being laid a gentle curve according to the plan

Part of the job was to move a metal gate. Here the brick work is being removed to make room for the new entrance

By now the shingle was now down, the edging stones were complete and the path was almost finished

New topsoil was then added. By now, the path was complete and had been pointed up

The 3 low voltage lights were then installed

A view towards to new entrance

A view upto the front door

One of the completed flower beds

All finished

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