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Job: Southfield Road, Cowley, Oxford

Job Brief -To remove the current step arrangement and dig back the soil to allow for a greater floor standing area. The steps were to be rebuilt, along with a new retaining wall.  

The site upon arrival

Another view of the steps before we started

The first job was to remove the old step arrangement
Once the steps were removed, we could start digging back the soil bank.

We had to dig the bank by hand until there was enough room to get a digger on site

By this point, the new step arrangement was being installed and the new retaining walls had been constructed. Drainage holes were being bored out which were then filled with 10mm shingle. The old steps started where the wheelbarrow is in this photograph

By now, the 20mm Plumb slate had been laid

And the finished photo

A view up the new staircase

Another view

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